YouTube competes with TV!?

Is it coincidence that today Youtube announces it is launching 60 new channels in Europe two days after Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space?

Not really. You see, 80 million people watched Felix jump on Youtube. Wow!!! To put that in perspective, prime time TV programs in the US attract about 80.9 million people. So if an event on Youtube can attract nearly as many people as a primetime TV program, then advertisers are going to be very interested in advertising on Youtube.

Last year Youtube opened 100 new channels in the US as it moves up a gear from being the site that provides silly clips of your pet or children, to being a source of real content.

Expect it to move away from rewarding short viral clips made by amateurs, to paying for volume of clicks for longer content related clips. If it is to move up to become main stream provider alongside TV, it is going to have to provide content that makes consumers stay longer.

With the current generation watching less TV, this is another threat to the old fashioned TV program that the last generation used to fill their evenings.

Interesting times and a major shift taking place that may affect our education system, how we watch the news and the way we seek to be entertained.

Watch this space….

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