What is a company worth?

With the recent flotation of Facebook, comes a load of questions and a small glimpse of the world. It is a collision of the old world and the new world.

The old world….greedy, hungry for money without effort and winner takes all mentality….buys Facebook stock in a frenzy and without much thought, other than the return they will make on this thing they don’t understand. When the stock fell (as anyone with any sense knew it will) they threaten legal action and look for someone to blame.

A bit of closer attention to Mark Zuckerberg prior to the launch may have been helpful. He distinctly said that Facebook was not in it for the money…..they were making the world more open and connected. And that is the new world speaking….

Look at some of these stats:

I hope a time will come when the value of the company is not only measured by its share price or its Cap. Although important, they should not and will not be primary in the list of measurements.

Here’s to hoping

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