What Are We?

Lindsay1The Learning Platform was designed to provide training and development for organizations in a manner that suited the learner and the organization they work for.

People don’t have time to spend endless days on training courses but at the same time, they understand they need to develop their skills and improve their performance.  The Learning Platform is designed to respond to those circumstances and give organizations and their people a combination of structured learning but also flexible methods of learning using a variety of on-line resources.

There are three main themes that focus on specific learning and development.

  1. Leadership Lounge
  2. Sales Lounge
  3. Small Business Lounge

Any individual enrolled on any of these three themes also has access to two more areas designed for their ongoing development

  1. My Lounge
  2. Personal Development Lounge

My Lounge provides Forums, articles, videos, podcasts, etc.  The Personal Development Lounge covers learning in areas relating to dealing with life both at work and personally.


The combination of specific development areas with access to wider opportunities for personal development, enables the learner to have a resource constantly available to them that they can dip into as they need help whilst also being part of a structured learning program.

The Learning Lounge puts the development of people in their hands whilst at the same time being able to ensure development in line with their organizations objectives.

lindsay2We can provide accreditation for the learning covered and we also build in activities and group work that encourages people to apply their learning and use it in the development of their company.

The name The Learning Platform is carefully chosen to denote a basis for developing people that can be adapted and modified to meet the needs of the organization and the people undertaking the development.