The end of working from home?????

3006336-poster-24780498915104b4d028bA number of people have asked me about the decision this week from Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, to bring people back into the office and reduce working from home. People asking me were under the impression that flex-working and working from home was about to end.

Let us keep this in perspective. Yahoo has been a badly managed company for a number of years. Marissa was brought in as CEO to turn it around. She came from a company that has been very successful whilst having a lot of employees are working home. So it is not that she is adverse to people working from home, far from it. But where systems have been set up badly, it means that people now believe that it is their “right” to behave and act the way they have in the past.

If you listen carefully, what she is doing is changing the culture of the business. A culture where people are not held accountable, people are not working at maximum efficiency and a culture where people are not used to being managed and lead properly. To change that she needs to bring them back into the fold and immerse them in the new culture.

This CEO seems to have a far better handle on what needs to be done at Yahoo than anyone before her. She is certainly not afraid to make decisions and take action. Those employees that are good people and work effectively, I am sure they will be working from home very soon again. The rest will change or leave….and that is going to be a big step forward for Yahoo.

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