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Presidential debate and Labor’s closing speech

A week of speeches and debates on both sides of the Atlantic, and very interesting indeed. In fact a few surprises. The Labor Leaders speech in United Kingdom was a surprise for his ability to speak for 90 minutes without autocue, notes or a teleprompter. Wow….quite impressive. He is not a charismatic man, and often […]

American General Election – like a good movie with the good bits missing

As I predicted, the Republicans chose Romney as their candidate and so now the General Election fever has got going. The country is faced with Romney and Obama, and what a sad state of affairs that is. Here is my take: I said on a number of occasions in the past, Republicans are going through […]

Quote….”I feel like Obama just won reelection tonight”

When Obama won the Presidency, I warned the Republican Party to learn from the fall of the Conservative Party in United Kingdom who were out in the wilderness for over ten years, and have never fully recovered. The Republican Party needs to define what it stands for now and the vote tonight in Iowa showed […]