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Sales Management at the Heart?

I read an article recently saying that “CEOs who put sales management at the heart of their agenda have captured astonishing growth — outstripping their peers by 50 to 80 percent in terms of revenue and profitability”. I was a little astonished at this. To me it is like saying, the person that puts organic […]

Pawtions – Providing a personal service for your dog

When you register with Pawtions, your dog will get a parcel (addressed to your dog) every four weeks containing a complete, healthy, nutritious meal portions individually tailored to your dogs needs. In every box there is a free pack of Poop bags, you can also arrange for them to send flea treatment and worming tablets […]

Fly Adria Airlines – a step back in time! 41

As is often the case with the smaller national airlines, the staff are disaffected and do their job according to the rules and take great pleasure in being able to use the rules to show they have power. Such has been my experience with Adria Airlines in eastern Europe. On my first flight with them […]

Unions vs Management

The worst of any economic downturn is the unwillingness of people to accept that EVERYONE has to make cuts. EVERYONE has to tighten their belts. It is true that many company bosses have been treating their staff poorly whilst getting massive pay checks. Many bosses have been fired for incompetence whilst still walking away with […]

Becareful of your advertising slogan…..it may benefit your competitor

British Airways launched its advertising slogan, “To Fly, To Serve” which I read to imply that they were going to start to think about the service they offer (or haven’t been doing for a long while). However, the clever move that teaches us all a good lesson about taking care with slogans, is that Easy […]