Republicans don’t want any of them!

This is the story of the Businessman, the Religious Fundamentalist, the Politician and the Nationalist. Each has his own followers, and each has strong beliefs and believes he is the best man to lead his country.

The problem is, the Party isn’t united over who they want. Truth is, none of them are appealing or even the best person to lead the Party in the forthcoming election. Anyone on the horizon is probably worse and so the Party is struggling to unite behind one person who they can share values with and will give them the possibility of beating the current President. Be assured, when they finally do pick one of the candidates, they will all fall in line to support him because they hate President Obama.

All of this is really sad. The toxicity of this debate is only going to remind people of the worst of the previous Bush era. This level of negativity is only going to make Obama look a safe option to the Independants. The way it is going, Obama may not win the election, but he will have a second term….and the Republican Party can only blame themselves if that happens.

Good leadership would rise above the fray and rather fight on policy. Slagging off each other and slagging off Obama at this stage, does not send a signal that you can repair….it only shows you know how to slag other people off.

I am reminded of Margret Thatcher’s comment, “If my critics saw me walking over the Thames river, they would say it was because I couldn’t swim”. The Republican Party are in danger of starting to appear as though they are ranting for the sake of ranting.

If you want to be a leader, then show them you know how to lead. Talking about how you will unravel what Obama has done, does not sound like you know how to set a direction. Blaming Obama for the current situation, does not show how you are going to fix it.

Come on guys, start showing who you really are……..or are you already? Oh dear

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