Obama/Romney Debate….and now the final straits

The debates are over and we enter the home straight as the elections are now days away. Here are my thoughts, predictions and pleas for sense.

If I was a Republican I would not be a Romney supporter. If that is the best the Party can offer as “Leader of the Free World” (not my quote) then it is a great shame. I am absolutely positive that he is a really great man, Father and friend. I am getting tired of hearing that he is a business man. This is a nebulous term that has little meaning. It is like saying that I am in the medical profession. What does that mean? A doctor, a nurse, a surgeon, a porter???? Business covers a wide range of things including entrepreneurs, small business owners, Partners in a firm, General managers, Middle managers, supervisors…..etc.

Let’s be honest, Romney has held various positions in business ventures, events and of course as a Politician. To say that all of this makes him the ideal candidate to run the country is as far fetched as believing David Beckham should be Prime Minister of United Kingdom. One thing for sure, Romney is not the type of LEADER the country needs. He is simply the candidate that has managed to make the least number of mistakes to finally be the man the Republican Party is prepared to put up against Obama. I doubt any fraction of the Republican Party actually like him as their ideal choice, he is simply the last man standing.

So what about Obama? I am also tired of hearing mindless remarks about how he is arrogant, self indulgent and a socialist, amongst other ridiculous statements said in frustration and mindless loyalty. One thing Obama is not, is stupid. He is highly intelligent and, as I have said before, the best Republican President the Republican Party never had on Foreign Policy. He has done (and got away with) more acts of aggression than any Democrat before him and the majority of Republican Presidents have dared to do. He has managed to save the face of the USA to the rest of the world after a disastrous Bush era.

However, he has not been the LEADER the country needs or the one he hoped he could be. Obama is actually an introvert and has not got the strength of character to address the real issues that face USA today. I am not saying he is not prepared to tackle issues (he proved that with Obamacare) but he seems incapable of tackling the main issue that needs tackling.

To hear people say, Romney showed in the debate that he could be Commander and Chief, has to be the most mindless statement of all. But we will leave that alone and instead make a more important and meaningful point. The only question that should be on all voters minds is, which of these two candidates has the ability to bash the heads together of both Parties and make them get back to the job they are paid to do?

Partisanship is good. But entrenchment to the detriment that paralyses Government, is not good. Be partisan and then compromise and find middle ground. That is what made America great. What is happening today in Government, is undermining the respect of Government from both Americans and the world at large.

The President that can revive the public’s respect of their Government, and create a Government of the people and for the people, will be a great leader. And I am sorry, neither of the candidates are capable of achieving that.

Let’s be honest, on the economy, foreign policy, jobs and many other areas, neither candidate has much room to do much at all. That is why neither side will put a complete plan on the table. If they did, someone will shout “snap”!!!!!

My prediction……Obama will win the next election. Not because he deserves it but because it is the safest option at this moment. Less can go wrong under a second term of Obama than a first term of Romney.

I may be wrong but believe me, there will not be a lot of difference on the main issues under Romney than Obama because there is no real room for movement in the first two years. If Obama does win, I hope the Republican Party take the time to unite and rediscover what they stand for. They have managed to take the role traditionally held by Democrats for years. They know what they don’t want….but aren’t in agreement about what they stand for any more.

A sad state of affairs from a nation that believes and revels in the belief that they are the leaders of the free world. Leadership starts from within and self leadership is the corner stone of being a good leader.

P.S – On second thoughts, David Beckham for Prime Minister……mmmmmm 🙂

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