As the Supreme Court of the greatest country (whatever that means) in the world spends an in-ordinate amount of time discussing whether the Federal Government should recognize same-sex marriage….the rest of the world looks on in stunned silence.

How complicated can this be in a modern world? There are two types of marriage and the two should be kept apart. There is the religious side of marriage which views marriage based on various beliefs. Then there is the legal side which is TOTALLY different.

The legal one is about the right of the couple in LAW. It is a legal contract between two people of commitment. Under this agreement they have certain rights by LAW. The right to see the partner in a hospital, the right to certain tax concessions and responsibilities, the right to certain benefits, etc. etc. There are also obligations under this contract in LAW.

The religious blessing on the marriage sees it as a being recognized by God and given sanction by God. For a person of faith, it is a binding within their FAITH and a commitment within that FAITH.

Some people only get married because they have not religious faith. Some people get married who are atheist. These people choose not to adopt the religious blessing in their contract of marriage…..and that is OK.

When two people get married they conform to certain rules by LAW. Then (depending on their faith) they conform to certain rules of their church. Both accept that the marriage ceremony can cover both requirements at the same time. BUT they are two different requirements altogether. The trouble with having them both covered in the same ceremony is that people mix up the two DIFFERENT agreements that are taking place.

So why on earth is this so complicated? There is absolutely no reason for any two people who want to join in marriage to be discriminated against for any reason, whether it is the colour of their skin, their religious belief, the amount of money they have, the state of their health, where they live OR what sex they both are. In fact the ONLY reason two people cannot marry should be an age issue (no underage marriage).

People should also be able to get married under a religious blessing that is NOT recognised by law…..oh yes, that already happens!!!

Have we not got better things for the Supreme Court to be doing than this? It shouldn’t be this complicated.

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