Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady

margaret-thatcher-428x410It is a sad day indeed and I don’t mean because Margaret Thatcher died today. Don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to her family and I feel sad that such a great lady died. But I am really sad to read some of the pathetic hate comments on Facebook and other public mediums.

People who cannot differentiate between the policies and the person, and can only focus their hate on the things they didn’t like rather than taking an objective view of the whole, demonstrate why a person like Margaret Thatcher is so important in this world.

Let me start by saying that I did not agree with everything that Margaret Thatcher and her Government did. However, not everything she did was bad by a long way. She single handedly inspired many women around the world, she put Britain back on the world stage as a significant player, she led the world into a significant growth, she put a legal framework around unruly Unions and forced businesses to be more competitive and productive. History will argue some of her more controversial policies and may even show that she made some wrong decisions and made some good ones. However, she was probably the last of the world’s political leaders that had strong core values, a sense of conviction and was prepared to make decisions.

Even people on the opposite side of the Party divide who totally disagreed with her policies, had respect for her conviction and her passion for her country. She was an amazing person (who happened to be a woman) and overcame her own self doubt, was prepared to make bold decisions, had tremendous work ethic and stood up to issues whilst being personable without compromising her values. People who really did know her said she was an amazing figure.

So it is very sad that the mindless people that harbour personal hate without understanding the bigger issues, or appreciating the cliff she saved her country from. She came into power when top rate of tax was over 80%, inflation was over 20% and the unions had a stranglehold on Britain. She settled age old issues like Rhodesia and South Africa (even though I did not agree with the outcome) and she saw the opportunity to bring the USA and Soviet Union to a position where the Cold War came to an end. She forced British business to develop their people so they could be more competitive and productive (one of the areas i had the great honour to be part of).

Yes, she did make some poor decisions, especially later in her time as Prime Minister and some that are still in the balance. But to question that any decision was not in the best interest of her country and the people of that country, is the sign of someone that hates for the sake of hating and looking for something to be against based on no principle other than mindless conviction.

I am sad that she has died today, although we all know that her dementia took her from us a while ago. I am mostly saddened that there are mindless people in Britain that make pathetic statements about a person that did more for their country than these people ever bothered do for anything. Instead of being pathetic and speaking about something you obviously have no idea what you are talking about….why don’t you get off your backsides and do something meaningful and with conviction, make some real decisions and try to leave a legacy.

Rest in Peace Baroness Thatcher and thank you for all the good you did for your country and the world. Thank you for being bold enough to make tough decisions even though some were not always the right ones. Thank you for being an inspiration to many and never giving up in your desire to help where you can. Go to Denis your loving husband and who supported you from behind in an amazing way. I hope God is ready for you!!!!!

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