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Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady

It is a sad day indeed and I don’t mean because Margaret Thatcher died today. Don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to her family and I feel sad that such a great lady died. But I am really sad to read some of the pathetic hate comments on Facebook and other public mediums. […]


As the Supreme Court of the greatest country (whatever that means) in the world spends an in-ordinate amount of time discussing whether the Federal Government should recognize same-sex marriage….the rest of the world looks on in stunned silence. How complicated can this be in a modern world? There are two types of marriage and the […]

The end of working from home?????

A number of people have asked me about the decision this week from Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, to bring people back into the office and reduce working from home. People asking me were under the impression that flex-working and working from home was about to end. Let us keep this in perspective. Yahoo has […]

It is not the guns that are a problem, it is the culture that has to change

When we look back, it is now unfathomable that women were not allowed to vote, that slavery was condoned in the United States Constitution and that smoking was allowed on airplanes. Yet all of this was once an accepted norm and even fiercely defended and a subject of great debates and heated discussions. At one […]

Making good use of Testimonials

I worked with two clients this month, planning the content for their conference, coaching them and assisting in the delivery. I got these two emails from them. Good morning Paul I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the work you did with us. It is rare to find someone who becomes so very […]

Work/Life Balance or Bust!!!!! 1

According to a Google commissioned survey of European SME’s, 80% of employees have made some sort of work-related New Year’s resolution for 2013. Find ways of working more efficiently – 42% Interact with customers more – 26% Leave work on time more often – 26% Interact with colleagues more – 21% Be more flexible about […]