American General Election – like a good movie with the good bits missing

As I predicted, the Republicans chose Romney as their candidate and so now the General Election fever has got going. The country is faced with Romney and Obama, and what a sad state of affairs that is.

Here is my take:

I said on a number of occasions in the past, Republicans are going through what the Conservatives in United Kingdom went through after Margaret Thatcher. The Republican Party has lost its sense of itself. Was does it stand for? I have repeatedly warned that if the Republicans don’t sort this out and they continue to in-fight, it will prolong their in-ability to form a meaningful Government.

The Conservatives were out of Government in UK for over 15 years and then only came back as a coalition Government. Romney as the Republican Party nominee is an example of how much in disarray the Republican Party is. Not only because he is a Mormon, but because of how immature he is politically.

The saddest thing about the current debate is that so far the two issues have been taxes and immigration. On both counts Romney (and the Republican Party) are so out of touch with where the world is going.

Taxes: Romney has promised the first thing he will do if he becomes President is cut taxes. The one thing the economy does not need at the moment is a tax cut. That has been tried under Obama and it has not worked. Yes…I know that it worked for Regan, but Regan was cutting taxes from 70% to 30% and Romney has not got the ability to make cuts of that amount….the best he may be able to cut it by is 1% or 2%, which would have the opposite effect and damage the economy.

The whole thinking on taxes has to change, but that is another story.

That brings me on to the other subject of debate….Immigration. This is a non-issue other than pandering to public opinion. Obviously the general public do not understand that immigration is important to the future of USA. Don’t tell me it is taking American jobs because it is NOT. The truth is……Americans don’t want the jobs on offer and in the meantime people who can create jobs are not being able to come to America to live. Thousands of Graduates are getting their education in US universities and the day they graduate are having to leave the country when they could stay and apply their education in the USA and create jobs, pay taxes and contribute to society.

Romney deserves to loose this election because his Party is in disarray and he is a weak candidate who does not grasp the issues. He says he will bring the political divide together and get consensus. Please!!!!!! Obama believed that was possible once and he learned that it is not possible….and, if he can’t do it, Mick Romney certainly has not got the political smarts to achieve it.

The Republican Party only knows how to attack the opposition and has a single focus of removing Obama. Last time they were this united against something… was called Bill Clinton. Progressiveness requires having something to aim for and not only something to push against. Tell the people what you stand for and how you plan to make it happen. And Mick Romney – on a personal note – learn to smile with your eyes as well as your mouth!!!

Obama will probably win…not because he deserves to win, but because the Republican Party deserves to loose.

Obama is smart and politically very smart. He is so close to the right on issues that he has forced the Republicans to become extreme to the right!

Obama was really smart to appoint Hillary Clinton as Foreign Secretary for three reasons: She is a clever and experienced politician; she is a woman; and her name is Clinton. All three has enabled Obama to get away with things internationally that many Republican Presidents could only wish for. He has done more drone attacks than Bush ever did, he took out Osama Bin Laden on foreign soil, he has pushed Iran into a corner, and much more while at the same time pick up a Nobel Peace Prize! In fact, I still maintain that Obama is the best Republican President the Republican Party never had!!!

I have always believed that Obama was in for the long game and not for the short game. (see previous blog) By normal political judgements, he is a failed President. In reality he is politically very smart indeed and may end up being too smart for his own good.

I wish I was wrong and I may be proved wrong….but at the moment this election is like watching a Pink Panther movie without the comedy!

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