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I understand that my previous blog about Adria Airways was on the front page of the newspapers and has been doing the rounds in the country. I have received a range of comments….some attacking me for speaking about this and others sympathizing with me.

I want to thank all the people that commented on my blog about Adria Airlines, whatever you comment was. Please let me be very clear……

Adria Airways DID NOT let ME down. They let the people of Slovenia down in the way they treat passengers whether the passengers are foreigners or Slovenians. Nobody can blame the staff of the airline if they are not getting the training and if the staff are not developed to understand the importance of their role in creating the right image for their country.

Slovenia is a wonderful Central European country with a rich culture, fascinating history and the people I met were wonderful and genuine people. I wrote on my Facebook and Twitter BEFORE I wrote the blog, that everyone should visit Slovenia once in their life because I was so impressed with the country.

I had a great time while I was in Ljabljana, met some wonderful people and had a fantastic tour of the city center with an amazing guide.

The people that run the airline need to understand that there role is more than just flying planes in and out of the country. They are part of an industry that is one of the biggest in the world….the tourism/conference and meetings and destination industry. This industry brings revenue to the country and what they do can affect not only their own revenue, but the revenue of the industry.

I loved my experience while I was on the ground in Slovenia and enjoyed staying at the wonderful Hotel Slon.

PLEASE Adria Airways, become an airline that the people of Slovenia can be proud of.

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    Paul Bravo!

    I am from Slovenia, and I know exactly what happened. Adria Airways is company financially backed by the state of Slovenia. Whenever they are in financial trouble, taxpayers have to pay some 50-100 million euro, and again they “fly”. But how they fly, and what is their level of service, that is another story. During the time of Yugoslavia, national air carrier was JAT, nicknamed “Joke About Time.” People said: “Oh, when we will be independent, things will be different..,” but to tell you honestly Slovenians were always – in good and bad – just as part of former YU, as any other Yugoslavian nation. Slovenians had an idea, how to become independent, but the idea without true will, is nothing. What we have today is mish-mash of everything and nothing. One Austrian brand Red Bull worths more than 10 Slovenians top brands. Serbs once said: “Slovenians will eat grass at the end of the days.” And they had right, when I stop at the Serbian gas station, there is always a young man, willing to offer help with whatever I need around the car.. and when I stop at the Slovenian gas station, nobody cares for anything. Just come and pay. In the 90 s Shell wanted to open 6-8 stations on Slovenian highway (300 km, but one year tax toll is more than Austrians charge for), but prime minister Drnovsek, forbid them to come.., just because he and the rest of them, wanted to keep the gas market intact for local companies Petrol and Istrabenz. That is Slovenia: Shame of the country. Once the best part of communism is today just a reflection of the former image.

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