A Lesson in Minimalist Marketing (or Less is More)

Without doubt, less is more in so many aspects of our lives. Less food can actually improve your energy levels, less meetings can be more productive and the iPad has less buttons and more useability.

We know that Apple under Steve Jobs went for simplicity in design that put it well above the rest and resulted in others playing catch-up ever since.

I came across this site that really shows how Marketing is changing and makes this point very well. Take a look at the photos below and be honest, which do you prefer?

I am willing to bet that most people preferred the third of fourth. Maybe the baby-boomers liked the second!!! The fact is, simplicity and minimization is the trend. Too many websites, brochures, display stands, adverts, covers, packaging and workbooks are too ‘busy’. They don’t appeal and draw the customer in.

Thanks to A2591 Blog for some great work on this. Outstanding and well done

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